Book Schedule

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October 2015
5th - 9th: Same By Katrina Roe (Children's)

November 2015

2nd - 6th: Intertwined by Jennifer Slattery

February 2016
1st - 5th: Next of Kin by Carol Preston

March 2016
1st - 5th: The Pounamu Prophesy by Cindy Williams

April 2016
4th - 8th: Twice Stolen by Susanne Timpani

May 2016
2nd - 6th: Glimpses of Light Edited by Jeanette O'Hagan and Nola L Passmore

June 2016
6th - 10th: Shoes Off, Feet Up: Poems of everyday life and faith by Ellen Carr

July 2016
4th - 8th: The Warrior Lord's Sword by Ray Hawkins

August 2016
1st - 5th: Ehvah After by Rose Dee

September 2016
5th - 9th: Mail Order Surprise by Lucy Thompson

October 2016
3rd - 7th: Beyond the Fight by Carol Preston

November 2016
7th - 11th The Kingdom of the Air by C T Wells